Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Running Recap

Tim Kennard 10 mile River Run – March 7, 2010 (Salisbury, MD)
After the rough winter on the East coast, I was praying that we would get some nice weather and NO SNOW.  The prayers were answered and the weather was great.  The event well organized and the Joyce family stayed at Grandma and Grumps house in Lewes the night before the event.   The drive to the event on Sunday morning was uneventful.  We ran through the neighborhoods surrounding Salisbury State University and briefly went into downtown Salisbury.  I came across the finish line around 1:40 and was satisfied with my time and the event in general.
Baltimore 10 mile run – June 19, 2010 (Baltimore, MD)
Very crowded!  This was a big road race – the kind I really don’t like but I thought I would participate since this is so close to our house in Baltimore.  The morning of, I was toying with the idea of riding the bike over to the Zoo but at the last minute backed out due to all the gloom and doom emails sent out by Corrigan sports on the amount of people participating, traffic in the area, etc.  So I left the house 1 ½ hours early for a 15 minute drive and what do you know, I arrived in 10 minutes.  No traffic at all.  So I fell asleep in my car next to a guy who drove in from Delaware and was doing the same.  When I fell asleep there were a handful of people but when I woke up it was a madhouse.  I walked down to the line and started off with the gun (or whatever the loud noise was).  The course was all on road and meandered down to Montebello Lake, made a loop and came back.  The second half of the race was warm and definitely felt like an early summer day.  The last few miles had some good hills and it was fun passing folks that started walking mid way up.  Seeing them ahead then passing then kept me going at the end.  Finished around 1:30.  Luke warm on doing this one again. 
Gunpowder Keg 50K – September 18, 2010 (Hereford County, MD)
I really enjoy BRRC events! Very low key but great company!  I ran will several folks during this challenging trail run that consisted on three 10 mile loops around the Bunker Hill section of Gunpowder State park.   The terrain consisted of very steep up hills followed by very steep down hills.  There was one section of flat terrain but it was not that long.  The first loop I was running with Christine and a lady (think Kelly) who was telling us that she does not run that often.  I was kind of surprised that she would do the event but more power to her!  Later I saw her walking back on the second lap, think she had enough.  On the second lap, I was running with a guy who planned to do two loops and he was talking about the BRRC events.  The last lap I was on my own, without headphones and under a significant mental challenge to force my way through.  At the back portion of the third lap, I veered onto the wrong trail.  I asked guy fishing in the stream if many runners have been by lately.  He said he did not see anyone and then the trail starting becoming overgrown.  I then realized I was not on the right trail and started backtracking.  I think I was about 15 minutes off course. Once I found my way back, I focused on finishing.  ITB and knees were killing me after the race.  I crossed the finish line, shook the race director’s hand, kissed my wife and then went home.  Just the way I like it! Finished around 6:30.
NCR Trail ½ Marathon – October 3, 2010 (Baltimore, MD)

Another BRRC event on the NCR trail, this one was a little more crowded than the trail series events.  Only thing of note was that the event was held the same day as the Race for the Cure and traffic going to the event was backed up.  The course itself was point to point and flat.  The surface was a little harder than I expected.  Seemed like a concrete road that had dirt and rocks on it.  Finished under 2 hours.
BRRC Trail Run Series – various distances, all under 10 miles - Patapsco (5/30), Sweet Air (7/11), Bunker Hill (8/8) – All of these events were fun and challenging.  Good company, hilly (Patapsco – yikes!), and great events.
No races scheduled in December 2010 so thought I would put the recap up now.  Next race is scheduled for January 2nd – PHUNT 50K.